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Cadiz Free walking tour Cadiz Free walking tour Cadiz Free walking tour Cadiz Free walking tour

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Contact: Maurizio & Antanina

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Free Walking Tour Cadiz

Pancho Tours has been pioneer of Free Walking Tours in Cádiz 

We have differents Tours in Cadiz:

  • Free Tours 10.30 hs Every Day
  • Free Tours 13.00 hs Every Day

Why is Cádiz`s walking tour free? You choose the price!

  • Duration: (aprox. 2 hours)
  • 365 days of the year (Rain or Shine).

A 2 hours walk throughout the oldest city in Europe, and possibly the best place on earth!

A little town, but full of surprises: according to the Greek Mythology created by Hercules, right after spitting the two continents of Europe and Africa to fullfil the 12th work he was given.

The famous battle of Trafalgar (1812) took place nearby, since Cadiz was the only city in spain that never been conquered by Napoleon.

Formerly it use to be an island but now it`s a beautiful and norrow peninsula surrounded by the ocean. Is one of the capital cities of Flamenco, the place where the biggest carnival in Spain is. It`s a beautiful coastal town with more than 6kms of beach longin the City.  

Our knowledgeable guide will share legends and history about this enchanting old city. 

This tour covers: (Click HERE to discover the whole Route 
  • City hall- Ayuntamiento
  • El Populo neighborhood
  • Roman Theatre
  • Old Cathedral
  • New Cathedral
  • Plaza de las Flores
  • The Food Market
  • La Viña neighborhood
  • Caleta Beach

Find the Orange T-shirt/Umbrella!!


Free (You decide the value of the tour)


Every Day at 10:30h and also at 13.00h



tour languages:

Meeting Point:

Plaza San Juan de Dios (just below the columns of the City Hall-Ayuntamiento)

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