Monuments Free Tour

Plaza de la Merced

  • It was constructed 500 years ago after Christian reconquest
  • Formerly it was one of the main Suq (Market) of the muslim city

Moorish Fortress ‘La Alcazaba’

  • It was completed in the mid 11th century by the ancient civilization of the Moors

Roman Theatre

  • It's one of the oldest Roman theatres, 2100 years old
  • Right in front have been found a few years ago the "Garum pools"

Cathedral of Málaga

  • Renaissance Church
  • It's called the `One Armed Lady´ because of its missing tower

St. John’s Church

  • The 3rd oldest church in Málaga
  • It was built in a mixed style of gothic, mudéjar and baroque

Lunch all together (optional)

  • The most fun and interactive part of our tour!