Alcazar (only from outside): the royal palace

  • First a Roman fortress, one of the very first in the peninsula, then muslim palace since the VIII century, then again caste of the christian kings, nowadays is considered the oldest Royal Palace still in use in the whole world
  • It s protected by Unesco since 1987

Old Jewish Quarter (Santa Cruz area)

  • Barrio of Santa Cruz is one of the most popular of Sevilla, mostly known for its little alleys, squares, fountains, orange trees, beautiful houses and a special smell along its streets
  • Every corner here tells us a story. Challenge our guide's story-telling skills!

Statue of Don Juan

  • Don Juan is without any doubt the most famour character of the Opera ever created
  • His Statue is in a beautiful square surrounded by gardens, a perfect place for a quick break at the middle of the tour

Roman Columns

  • Calle Marmoles (Marbles' street) offers to us three incredible and huge roman columns, formerly part of a Temple to Apollo

Statue of Peter I

  • Peter I of Castile, also called "Peter the Cruel", or "The Just" was maybe the most interesting character from the Middle Age in Seville
  • The guide will tell you the reason why the statue is here, why the street is called "Cabeza del Rey" and a few more legends about this "Jack the Ripper" of the Middle Ages

Alfalfa Square and Area

  • It is the perfect geometrical center of the city
  • In the roman times we had here baths, temples, a huge market and public buildings
  • During the Moorish this place was "the Alcaicer" the space in which trade was authorized wholesale
  • Can you guess the reason behind the square’s name?

El Salvador Church and Square

  • The 2nd largest church in town after the Cathedral, built on the top of the main muslim Mosque of the old city of Ishbilya
  • From the courtyard we ll see also the remnants of the old roman temple, then christian church by the Visigoths, on the top of which the Mosque was built
  • The square was one of the busiest marketplaces in the muslim times. Nowadays the busiest square in the week-end where locals meet for a few rounds of beer

Plaza S. Francisco and City Hall

  • This square has been the burning place of the Inquisition for the VIP heretics for almost 4 centuries,while most of the others were being burnt across the river, in Triana
  • In this square were also held various bullfights and reeds
  • Nowadays is the heart of the processions of "Holy week", the biggest catholic festival in the whole world

Plaza Nueva and Statue of Fernando III

  • What to do to become the patron saint of such a catholic city like Sevilla? Ferdinand III did it by conquering this city and sending away the muslim domination n 1248AD, after over 500 years