Monuments Free Tour

Cathedral & Giralda (only outside)

Puerta de Jerez

  • The impressive Hotel Alfonso XIII
  • Palace of Yanduri

Palacio de San Telmo

  • Beautiful baroque construction from 1680s, formerly a famous school of sailors
  • Then house of the noble Montpensier family, and nowadays the presidency of Andalucia

Tobacco Factory and University

  • When built in 1770s it was the 1st tobacco factory in Europe and the biggest building in Spain by square meters, now the 3rd one
  • Famous for being the place where the story of George Bizet's Carmen, a very famous Opera, was inspired. More that 8.000 gipsy girls used to come across from Triana, the other side of the river, to work here every day. Carmen (ficticious character) was one
  • Site of the University of Seville.

Statue of El Cid and Prado San Sebastian

  • The statue of El Cid, one of the greatest heroes of Spanish History
  • Prado San Sebastian. These gardens were a mass grave in the roman times, then also in the times of the Inquisition (1492-1781!!)
  • Since 1847 until 1973 the place of the main festival in Spain: La Feria de Abril

MarÍa Luisa Park

  • Huge public garden, formerly private for the nobelty
  • With many tropical plants and species of birds

Plaza de España

  • The highlight of this tour!
  • One of the most impressive builings you ll ever see in your life!
  • An open-air Enciclopedia for the history of Spain, and a hidden offense to the Catalan's identity
  • Built for a very important World Fair in 1929

Lunch all together (optional)

  • World Heritage
  • The biggest christian temple in the world at the time of its construction
  • It contains the official tomb of Christopher Columbus (5 more places claim to have one, too!).
  • Its tower, formerly a minaret, used to be the highest tower in the world in the 12th century!!
  • It's the southern gate of Seville's city center. Inside and around the fountain is where Spanyards celebrate when the national football team wins!
  • Queen Cristina gardens
  • Lunch all together: optional, the most fun and interactive part of our tour
  • We´ll taste typical Tapas