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Pancho's favorite travel bloggers | 13 DIC

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When you start planning a trip; most of the time, the hardest decision is to pick a destination! So many beautiful places in the world, but unfortunately you can’t pick them all at once. To help you get some inspiration for your next trip, we have made a list of Pancho’s 9 favorite travel bloggers at the moment! 


Nomadic Matt is a blogger with the best tips on how to save money on your next trip! This guy doesn’t play games when it comes to his research. His website is perfectly updated, you can find anything you need and more concerning the most beautiful destinations in the world! 

For example, look at these awesome posts about SevilleGranada and Madrid!


This is definitely a blog that deserves a spot in Pancho’s list of favorite travel bloggers! Don’t you love it when a blogger gives you a good perspective of a place? This is the perfect place to find it! We would be crazy if we didn’t start looking for our cities immediately. So we did that, and found them! Check it out! 

6 Hidden corners you should not miss in Seville

5 Reasons to holiday in Spain

Things to do in Madrid

3. Wanderlust Chloe 

We have been following this girl for a while now! A couple of weeks ago, she visited Seville and joined one of our tours. Click here to check out that post!

After her trip she posted an amazing blog about her journey in Seville. You need to see this! She wrote about things to do in Seville!

This isn’t all. Chloe has got a lot more to offer when it comes to blogs in Spain, click the link below to see more! WARNING: you might fall in love with these pictures!

4. Urban Travel Blogs

It seems like every blogger needs some basic things as a solid base to be successful! 

1. A good website 

2. Great pictures 

3. At least one visit to Spain

No, but seriously! We love all the great stories and memories people share about Spain. It’s all very pure and honest. Just like the bloggers of Urban Travel Blogs. Not only do they have an amazing website, their stories are on point as well! 

We don’t want you to miss a couple of their cool blogs. Take a look!

Micro culture in Seville

Seville guide

Madrid guide

Things to do in Seville

Lisbon guide

Oh, and something that you definitely don’t want to miss, is this Photo Story about Porto, written by Duncan Rhodes! 

Porto doors by Duncan Rhodes

1. MyPerfectTravel

A unique journey that you always will remember


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