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Tours in Malaga Tours in Malaga Tours in Malaga Tours in Malaga Tours in Malaga

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Tours in Malaga

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Tours in Malaga

Oasis Hostels


Tours in Malaga



Málaga, the proud capital city of the Costa del Sol is a culturally rich, historic and colorful destination.

This city has been home to many diverse cultures from the ancient Phoenician people, of nearly 3000 years ago, to our current Hollywood stars, like Antonio Banderas, passing through Romans, Byzantines, Visigoths, Moors, and Spanish. Among the Spanish, one of the most influential painters of the XX century, Pablo Picasso, born in Malaga in 1881.

It only takes a quick glance at a map to realize the commercial and geographical importance of the Province of Malaga. Many people have enjoyed the benefits of the easy access to the Mediterranean and the gateway to two different continents.

Now Málaga plays hosts to millions of tourists every year. The port of Málaga welcomes hundreds of cruise lines every season and the economical airport makes for a great starting point to discover the rest of Spain.

Come and enjoy this sun bathed city, ancient ruins, lovely bar scenes and of course, La Playa.