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Group surf lessons Cadiz Group surf lessons Cadiz Group surf lessons Cadiz

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Contact: Maurizio & Antanina

EMAIL: cadiz@panchotours.com

MOBILE PHONE: 0034 664642904(also WhatsApp)


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Group surf lessons

Group Surf Lessons in Cádiz – Best Andalusian Surf Lessons/Instructors

Learning how to surf in Cádiz can be one of the best things ever!  Find the best surf schools and surfing lessons in places like Sta Maria Beach, Tarifa, El Palmar and other beautiful Cádiz beaches.

If you really want to attend a surf lesson in Cádiz, don't hessitate! Come and join us. It really does not matter if you are a new surfer or you have been surfing for years, Cadiz Surfing Lessons has surfing lessons for everyone. You will definitively love it!


  • Theory (30 min.)
  • Group Practice:

Depending on your level (1, 2, 3):

  • Clothing (5 min.)
  • Warming up and practicing positions in sand (15 min.)
  • Practice 1 in sea, starting position, paddling, position ( 10 min.)
  • Practice 2 assisted excercises (20 min.)
  • Error correction and explanations (en arena 10 min.)
  • Practice 3 free surfing with corrections and recording (30 min)

More information:

Pricing includes wetsuit and surfboat one hour more after lesson


Group class:

30€ per session


At 9.30am and 7:30pm

tour languages:

Meeting Point:


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