Bairro Alto and Chiado Free Tour

Rossio Square

  • The Square of D. Pedro IV is better known by its old name, Rossio
  • It is the most important square of Lisbon, where take place shows, festivals and political events
  • In the center there is a statue of D. Pedro IV, the first emperor of independent Brazil

Baixa Pombalina

  • The Baixa Pombalina is the lower part of Lisbon, separating Alfama from the Barrio Alto
  • It is named in honor of the Marquis of Pombal, who rebuilt the city after the earthquake of 1755


  • Chiado is one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Lisbon
  • Here was born the poet Fernando Pessoa
  • Why the name of this district? There are many legends about its origin...
  • It is the most important area for its shops, cafes, theaters and museums

Café A Brasileira

  • In the Chiado neighborhood you can find old cafés of the early twentieth century among which the Café A Brasileira
  • In the past it was the favorite hangout of intellectuals, writers and academics
  • It's famous for having on its terrace a statue of poet Fernando Pessoa seated at a table

Elevador da Bica

  • With its typical yellow color, connects the hills on which is situated the Bica neighborhood, with the rest of Lisbon

Bairro Alto

  • One of the most picturesque neighborhoods of the city, is located in an elevated position with respect to the Baixa Pombalina
  • It's a very popular neighborhood for the Lisbon nightlife, with its characteristic bars, restaurants, clubs and even Fado houses

Carmo Square

  • Let yourself be enchanted by this square which in spring is full of lilac flowers from the trees that are planted here

São Domingo's Church

  • A unique church, which fascinates whoever sees it
  • Despite its reconstruction after a fire in 1959, are still present and visible traces of the fire on the walls, columns, marble...

Sao Pedro de Alcántara Panoramic Terrace

  • From this garden you can enjoy one of the most stunning views over Lisbon