Walk Belém

10.30 hs:

  • Meeting point in Rossio Square, in front of the Theatre D. Maria II at 10:30 am.
  • Short description of Lisbon History though the view of Rossio, Dom Pedro IV statue, S. Domingo's church and Figueira square.

11.00 hs:

  • Departure from Figueira square, with the 25 tram.
  • The trip will take 20 minutes.

11.30 hs:

  • Belem's Tower visit
  • It will be from the outside, but there's time to visit the interiors of the Tower if it please you
  • Ticket not included

12.00 hs:

  • After a nice walk along the riverside, now a visit to the monumental Padrao dos descobrimentos and the huge square in front of it (160 ft representing the compasse rose with different marbles)

12.15 hs:

  • Visit to the new Centre Cultural de Belem, and the Imperial square

12.30 hs:

  • Jeronimous' Monastery

13.00 hs:

  • The sweetest end for a tour: taste of a Pastel da Nata (the famous portuguese egg tart pastry) accompanied by a coffe

13.30 hs:

  • Return to the city center