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Seville in 400 words | 11 DIC

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Abanico Plaza España Sevilla Andalusia
Seville in 400 words

Seville is a city with a history and an art that has been in its veins for centuries. Proof of this are its varied and magnificent monuments that adorn its streets. Among them, the majestic Cathedral and the Giralda stand out as the main historical buildings. Several poets have used the Giralda as an inspiration, such as Gerardo Diego or Juan Ramón Jiménez in his famous book: Diary of a newlywed poet.

Giralda, how pretty!
You look like you to me, Giralda- just like her,
cheerful, fine and blonde,
look through my black eyes - like her,

Ineffable Giralda,
Grace and intellect, free stem
Oh, palm of light,
it seems to rock, the wind, the sky! -
From the vast sky, the sky
That about you - about her - she has,
Ineffable frontier, paradise!

On the other hand, there is the Real Alcázar, the oldest inhabited royal palace in the world. This solemn building boasts an astonishing diversity of architectural styles, as well as virtually endless gardens.

The Torre del Oro, surrounded on one side by the waters of the Guadalquivir River, was built in 1220 with Almohad and Mudejar architectural styles.

In 1929, construction began on the Plaza de España for the Ibero-American Exhibition in Seville. This architectural feat gave birth to a new style called Sevillian Regionalism. The monument is built inside the Parque María Luisa, a former private garden of the nobility. Like the Giralda, this park also has a poem that praises its beauty:

You listen, my friend:
Have you been to Seville?
Have you seen the park
of Marie Louise?
You don't know him?
What haven't you been there for?
Well..., you don't know
what a garden is.
No, he did not, he said;
You don't know that,
I'll tell him myself.

The park - paradise. It's on the shore
of the river more reed and more cane
that God made, to show off by making rivers....
J. Antonio Cavestany

On the other hand, in the centre of Seville there is an example of modernist architecture called the Seta, whose structure, similar to this type of plant, branches out over a large part of the Plaza de la Encarnación. The Roman ruins found below during its construction in 2006 are very well preserved and accessible to the public.

Finally, and without forgetting the typical and folkloric festivities of the Andalusian capital, the April Fair and the Holy Week are one of the main tourist attractions of the Sevillian spring.

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