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Welcome to Pancho Tours where we love Seville and share our passion with visitors from around the world!

We have a wealth of information on Seville and each of its historical landmarks as well as the culture in the city. By joining us for our guided tours or Daily Free Walking Tours you will have the opportunity to discover this tropical beauty and learn so much, making your stay in Seville an enjoyable, memorable and educational adventure!

Some of us grew up in Seville, others came to study or visit for a vacation. The one thing that unites us all, is that we all fell in love with Seville when we came here and made it our home! We can make you feel the same way by taking you through a journey across time as we explore history’s legendary figures and the surreal yet incredible tales of the past!

#FollowTheOrangeShirt! and you will find us as we travel to see the sights of the glorious Seville Cathedral along with its majestic tower the Giralda. We will also journey across the radiant Alcazar Royal Palace, the luminous Plaza de Espana and the mysterious Jewish Quarters of Santa Cruz. Across the Guadalquivir river, we will discover Triana, a gorgeous town widely considered to be the birthplace of Flamenco.

With Pancho Tours, you can experience Seville’s gourmet tapas & wine tasting tours to learn more about the food and drinks in our local culture. You can also join us on day trips to see other cities and places around Andalucia. With our DayTrips, you will be able to explore with us include the Jerez-Sherry region, the phenomenal beaches in Cadiz, Granada, Malaga, Cordoba, Ronda (Pueblos Blancos) and its famous mountain bridge in addition to Gibraltar where you can see a romantic view of Morocco.

The incredible history and tradition of Seville, its friendly atmosphere combined with endless sunshine as you enjoy festive fiestas will make Seville your second home!

Prepare for a joyful welcome into Seville!


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Feria de abril 2023 Seville: all the information you need to know
31 MAR, 2023

Feria de abril 2023 Seville: all the information you need to know

Find out everything you need to know about the April Fair 2023 in Seville: dates, traditions, transport, tourism and much more. Plan your visit to the Real de la Feria and don't miss the spectacular lighting that kicks off this festival full of colour and joy.

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What to see and do in Seville in 3 days

In this article we will talk about what to see and do in Seville in 3 days. A perfect city for a long weekend getaway. The Andalusian capital has us in love, its climate, culture, monuments, gastronomy and above all its people make it a unique and magical place.

Easter Week Seville 2023
12 ENE, 2023

Easter Week Seville 2023

Indeed, in Spain it falls on Easter. In this article we will tell you what is so special about Easter Week in Seville 2023 and what other activities you can do during your visit to the Andalusian capital.

Information about Real Alcázar of Seville audioguide
22 DIC, 2022

Information about Real Alcázar of Seville audioguide

We have decided to write an article about the Audioguide Real Alcazar of Seville that we offer in Pancho Tours. We hope this way we can solve all your doubts. In this article, we will tell you what the Real Alcazar of Seville audioguide consists of, the two types of products we sell and the difference with the QR code offered by the Real Alcazar of Seville.