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Feria de abril 2023 Seville: all the information you need to know | 31 MAR

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During the Feria de Abril or Seville Fair, the city is filled with a special colour. The flamenco dresses, the sevillanas, the "albero", the lights and "farolillos", create a unique atmosphere that radiates happiness. If you are planning to visit Seville, this festivity is an excellent option to do so.

In this article we will tell you all about the Feria de Abril in Seville: when and where it is held, what is the best day to attend, as well as some customs and tips to make the most of this unique experience.

When is the Seville April Fair 2023?

The Seville April Fair 2023 will officially take place from 00:00 hours on Sunday 23 April, when the façade of the fairgrounds will be lit up in an event known as "alumbrado". And. the fair will conclude on Saturday 29 April at 24:00 hours with a fireworks display. It is important to note that the date of the Feria de Abril varies each year, as it is held two weeks after Easter.

What is the best day of the Seville Fair?

The Seville April Fair is a festival that never fails to offer unforgettable moments from the first day to the last. Although it is true that the day of the "pescaíto", the first day and Wednesday are usually the liveliest, each day at the Real de la Feria is unique and special.

The public "casetas" are open from 12 noon to 3 am, while the private ones can close at any time they choose. If you plan to come during the day, we recommend arriving at around 13:30 hours, and if you prefer the afternoon-evening, the ideal time is from 19:00 hours.

It is important to bear in mind that between 12:00 and 20:00 there is the heaviest traffic of horses on the grounds, so it is necessary to take extreme precautions. But, in any case, the Seville Fair is always alive and ready to offer you unique moments. Don't miss it!

Where does the Feria de Abril take place in Seville?

Do you know where the Feria de Abril is held in Seville? In a unique and charming place! The grounds are specially dedicated to this event, located between Los Remedios and Tablada, and are divided into three areas: the Real de la Feria, the Calle del Infierno and the car parks. Get ready to enjoy an unforgettable experience in a place full of tradition and joy!

How to get to the Seville Fair?

Do you want to know how to get to the Feria de Sevilla? We'll tell you!

The best option for getting around the city during the Feria de Abril is the metro, both for locals and tourists. During these dates, the number of trains in circulation is increased and they will run non-stop to avoid waits and crowds in the carriages.

And the best thing is that there are three metro stops near the fairgrounds: Blas Infante (near Calle del Infierno), Parque de los Príncipes and Plaza de Cuba (a few minutes from the main entrance). With this option, you'll get there quickly and without complications.

But if you prefer another alternative, don't worry. You can also opt for the bus. The Feria Special starts at Prado San Sebastián and will take you close to the Real. However, bear in mind that traffic can be a little heavy at this time of year.

The most typical of the Feria de Abril in Seville

  • The 'pescaíto' is on Saturday 22nd April.

This inaugural dinner of the Feria is exclusively for the members of the casetas, but there are also groups of friends and family members who celebrate it around the fairgrounds. It is a special night of sharing food, dancing and laughter, and waiting for the lighting of the lights to start the Fair. It is important to note that the women do not usually wear the traditional costume and the men usually wear suits.

  • Sunday 23 April at 00:00 is the illumination of the Royal Fair.

Although the illumination can be seen every night, we recommend you to experience the Alumbrado, the event that starts the Fair. From the Portada to the end of the fairgrounds, the 15 streets are illuminated with 200,000 light bulbs, creating a magical atmosphere.

  • The street of Hell".

If you come with children, you can't miss the street of hell, where you will find all the attractions for the little ones and not so little ones. Despite its name, Hell Street is a fun and lively place. However, it is important to bring cash, as not all attractions accept credit cards.

Tips to enjoy the Seville Fair 2023

Get ready to experience one of Spain's most emblematic festivals! If you are planning to attend the Seville Fair in 2023, here are some tips to help you make the most of it:

  1. 1. Dress comfortable and elegant with spring clothes and shoes suitable for walking on the sand. Avoid stiletto heels, flat sandals and suede shoes, we want you to enjoy yourself without worries!
  2. 2. There are public and private stands. If you don't know someone who will invite you to their private booth, don't worry, the public booths usually allow free entry. However, if you want to have a VIP experience, we recommend the Feria de Abril de Sevilla Tour by Pancho Tours. With it you will have access to a private booth and lunch.

  3. 3. Don't miss the spectacular lighting of thousands of light bulbs that illuminate the façade and the streets of the site! It is a magical moment not to be missed.
  4. 4. Horse-drawn carriage rides are a very popular activity at the Seville Fair. If you want to take part in one of them, you can hire a chauffeur-driven horse-drawn carriage to take you around the fairgrounds. Contact us for a quote and make your dream come true!
  5. 5. If you plan to eat or drink in the "casetas", it is important to bring cash, as many "casetas" (less and less) do not accept credit cards. Enjoy the Andalusian gastronomy.
  6. 6. Don't forget to take a map of the fair on your mobile phone or on paper so you can get around the streets without having to walk around in circles.

Now you know everything you need to make the most of the Seville Fair in 2023. Combine the cultural and gastronomic richness of Andalusia with the joy and enthusiasm of its people, we are waiting for you at the Feria de Abril!

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