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Easter Week Seville 2023 | 12 ENE

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After the Christmas holidays, we change our minds and look at our calendar to see which is the next public holiday.  Indeed, in Spain it falls on Easter. In this article we will tell you what is so special about Easter Week in Seville 2023 and what other activities you can do during your visit to the Andalusian capital.

What is Easter Week?

If we talk about important dates within the Christian culture, without a doubt, “Semana Santa” (Holy Week) is in the first place.  This religious celebration is also known as “Semana Mayor” in some countries, and it commemorates each stage of the Passion of Jesus Christ. 

Why see Holy Week in Seville?

Holy Week in Seville is a religious celebration declared of International Tourist Interest.

You don't have to be a believer to enjoy this tradition; passion, atmosphere and art run throughout the city. And if Seville has a special colour, when Holy Week arrives, it is adorned with the aromas of incense, hoods and celestial music.

Undoubtedly, Seville lives Holy Week. A trip we are sure you will never forget.

When is Holy Week in Seville?

Holy Week in Seville officially begins on Sunday 2 April 2023 and ends on Sunday 9 April. Although before these dates some brotherhoods of neighbourhoods that do not have an official procession take part in the procession.

Changes in the Holy Week of Seville 2023

This year we are going to have some changes in the Holy Week of Seville 2023. Palm Sunday, Holy Wednesday and Maundy Thursday are the main changes, with the new starting order. Holy Tuesday will have the same route as last year. As far as the “Madrugada” is concerned, it has been decided to lengthen the routes of the “Esperanza de Triana” and the “Gran Poder”. On Holy Saturday the general procession of the “Santo Entierro Grande” will take place.

What is the “Madrugada” in Seville?

The “Madrugada” is the most intense and awaited night of Holy Week in Seville. The transition from Maundy Thursday to Good Friday is an impressive tradition worth seeing and experiencing.

The first brotherhoods leave at 00:00 hours and return to their churches at 14:00 hours the following day. The best time to see the processions in the centre of the city is between 01:00 and 09:00 hours. More than 500,000 people take to the streets to see the oldest brotherhoods of “Semana Santa”. It is something worth experiencing.

What is the procession of the “Santo Entierro Grande”?

The “Santo Entierro Grande” is one of the most curious religious events celebrated during Holy Week in Seville 2023.

The “Santo Entierro Grande” is a general procession organised by the Brotherhood of the Holy Burial in which different invited brotherhoods take part, representing with their processional steps the scenes that narrate the passion and death of Christ, following the order of the Gospels. There is no specific reason that determines when it can or should be held.

On this occasion, in addition to the three processions of the “Santo Entierro”, a total of 15 brotherhoods will take part, making a total of 18 processions on Holy Saturday 2023.

  1. Hermandad de Montesión (Sacred Prayer in the Orchard)
  2. Hermandad de la Redención (Kiss of Judas)
  3. Hermandad de San Gonzalo (Jesus before Caiaphas)
  4. Hermandad de las Cigarreras (Holy Column and Scourging)
  5. Hermandad del Valle (Coronation of Thorns)
  6. Hermandad de la Macarena (Sentence of Christ)
  7. Hermandad de La Paz (Handing over of the Holy Cross to the Lord of Victory)
  8. Hermandad de Pasión (Jesus with the Cross on the Shoulder)
  9. Hermandad de la Amargura (“Calle de la Amargura”)
  10. Hermandad de la Esperanza de Triana (Threefold Fall of Our Lord)
  11. Hermandad de la Exaltación (Crucifixion)
  12. Hermandad de Montserrat (Conversion of the Good Thie)
  13. Hermandad del Cachorro (Sacred Expiration)
  14. Hermandad del Calvario (Christ Dies on the Cross)
  15. Hermandad la Quinta Angustia (Sacred Descent).

It should be remembered that the procession of the “Santo Entierro Grande” can only be enjoyed in its entirety inside the official procession, whose route is as follows: “Plaza de la Campana, Calle Sierpes, Plaza de San Francisco, Avenida de la Constitución, Catedral and Plaza Virgen de los Reyes”.

Other activities you can do

And if you want to take advantage of your trip to get to know Seville better. In Pancho Tours we have our daily tours open. Our advice is to plan your stay in the capital in advance, so you can enjoy everything this wonderful city has to offer. Here are our favourite tours:

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