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The 3 best cities to do cultural tourism in Spain | 13 MAY

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Spain is the ideal destination for cultural tourism. It has a rich and multicultural history that gives it a unique identity. In this article, we will go over some of the best cities where you can come to explore and get to know this incredible country closely.

Cultural tourism in Madrid

The Spanish capital holds an incredible historical and cultural offer. With over a thousand years of history on its back, the monuments and museums that adorn the city are many.

In the Paseo del Arte, you will admire up close the artworks of matchless artists like Velazquez, Rubens, El Greco or Goya at the Prado Museum; or you will be delighted with modernism icons such as Dalí, Miró, and even Picasso’s famous Guernica in the Reina Sofia Museum.

The city centre of Madrid also offers a rich architectural heritage, with incredible monuments such as the Royal Palace, the Plaza de Oriente, and the Royal Theatre. You will also get to know the Cibeles Palace and the astonishing Retiro Park.

As if it wasn’t enough, the privileged location of Madrid is a short trip away from other cities as special as Toledo, Segovia, Avila, Cuenca, or Salamanca that finish off the experience.

Without a doubt, Madrid's extensive historical and cultural heritage places it as one of the favourites for cultural tourism, as demonstrated by the more than 5 million visitors it had in 2021.

¡Enjoy a fantastic trip to Madrid!

Historical tourism in Cordoba

Cordoba is the city with the highest number of places declared World Heritage, surpassing even Rome and Paris.

It is a city over two thousand years old that has passed through the hands of Romans, Visigoths, Muslims, and Christians. This rich and multicultural history provides Cordoba with some of the essential Muslim-origin buildings in the world.

Walk down the big halls, domes, and corridors of the tremendous residential city Medina Azahara built by the Caliph Abd-al Rahman III; or visit the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, formerly the second largest mosque in the world and one of the most valuable treasures of Andalusian architecture.

In the historic neighbourhood of Córdoba, also declared a World Heritage Site, you will discover the synagogue and a dozen 14th-century churches. If you visit Cordoba in May, you can even admire the famous Patio Festival up close, in which the houses open their doors and decorate their patios with hundreds of flowers.

You will also know the magnificent Alcazar de Cordoba, an important palatial fortress with beautiful gardens full of flowers, and the Roman Bridge, an architectural relic dating back to the 1st century b.C.

Córdoba is an unparalleled opportunity to learn about Andalusian culture and history. Come with us to Cordoba!

Alternative tourism in Barcelona

Barcelona is the second-largest city in Spain and represents a unique cultural hub in the country.

In Barcelona, you will find the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's masterpiece, one the most outstanding representatives of Catalan modernist architecture. Other of Gaudí's most important works are La Pedrera, Park Güell or Colonia Güell.

Another of the modernist jewels of Barcelona is the Palau de la Música Orfeó Català, where you will find the only concert hall in the world that has been declared a World Heritage Site.

Also, visit the Gothic Quarter, the oldest neighbourhood in the city, to find numerous Gothic churches and palaces.

You can easily get to Montserrat from Barcelona, where you will see the Monastery and many other incredible landscapes.

Come and discover Barcelona!


Spain is undoubtedly a unique place due to its history, in which multiple protagonists and diverse cultures have been involved. With 49 places declared a World Heritage Site, Spain ranks third in the world in this matter.

This article has commented on some of the most emblematic places in Córdoba, Madrid, and Barcelona, ideal destinations for cultural and historical tourism.

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