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The essence of Granada | 29 NOV

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Sacromonte Granada Spain Andalusia
The essence of Granada

Of course, if you visit Granada, you don’t want to miss the Alhambra, but also the neighbourhoods of this city have an exceptional charm and are very characteristic. The two most important ones are certainly the Albaicín and the Sacromonte, where the true essence of the city is hidden, with its deep history and culture. The remains of Muslim influence go all the way back to the 9th century where you can truly see how diverse Granada is.

Walking through the alleys of the old Albaicín district you will enter a different world, staying in the heart of the city, discovering how the first settlers lived after forming the first town, passing through the era of the Iberians, the Phoenicians, the Visigoths, Romans and Arabs. But between all of them, the boom period of this area was in the last years of the Nasrid domination, before the arrival of the Catholic Monarchs, and it is surely the neighbourhood with the most history of Granada, full of buildings that marked its history or that tell its story. This is a perfect place to relax, walking at your own pace through the small squares and streets, but your visit cannot end without admiring the panoramic view of the neighbourhood from the Alhambra, hopefully at dusk, when the whole sky turns red.

On the other hand, the Sacromonte neighbourhood is the cradle of gypsy life and the Granada zambra that is known throughout the world for its caves, a new type of housing designed by the gypsies from back in the 18th century when they settled there. Just like the Jews, the Gypsies have preserved their customs and identity over the centuries, which you can still see today by visiting the numerous caves throughout the neighbourhood. You can't leave this place without attending a flamenco show in one of these typical places for the Zambras, full of passion and mysteries that are expressed through this show. In this way it has become the most picturesque neighbourhood in the city, where guitars and songs still convey the power of emotions according to the tradition of the gypsies of Granada.

These two places, although so different, offer equally interesting landscapes, stories, culture and emotions that represent the true essence of Granada and therefore you must absolutely visit them to enjoy this city in the best way.

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