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6 Reasons to visit the Alhambra | 11 JUL

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Granada is one of the most popular places for tourists, due to the great variety of its stories and legends. Its symbolic monuments, which you cannot absolutely miss when visiting the city, are the Alhambra and the Albaicín. What many do not know and do not even imagine is that the Alhambra was once an actual fortified city with more than two thousand inhabitants within the city of Granada, which served as accommodation for the monarch and the court of the Nasrid kingdom. This city has not only a well preserved fortress, but also the beautiful villa with gardens of the Generalife.Why can't you miss this place?

1. Because of its history

The Alhambra is an essential monument, as it proves Arabs once ruled this territory and its architectural style is a relic of this former civilisation. For this reason it was recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The best way to discover its history during your visit is to be accompanied by a guide to explore the most hidden corners without getting lost in this huge architectural complex. While listening to the stories of the guide, you will travel through time imagining the luxurious life of the sultan with his courtiers inside the rooms of the palaces or the thermal baths.

2. For the views of Granada

Being a fortress, the Alhambra stands on the hill of the Sabika, the highest point of the city of Granada, because it was a strategic place from which to defend and observe the city, and at the same time represented the center of power that could be seen from the rest of Granada. Today, thanks to its ancient aims, it has become the viewpoint of Granada from which you can enjoy incredible views of the Sacromonte caves, the Albaicín district and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, an amazing spectacle that will surprise you!

3. For its art

Walking through the interior of the Alhambra you will notice that each wall is covered by arabesques meticulously created through different moulds, so you won't find similar decorations anywhere. Furthermore, these decorative motifs follow the principles of symmetry, forming a harmony between all the elements that make them up.

4. By its legends

The Alhambra was the setting for the famous Thousand and One Nights, and all its courtyards and rooms inspired even the American writer Washington Irvin to write his own stories about the Alhambra. However, many other legends are hidden within its walls, among them the most interesting is that of Boabdil, the last sultan of Granada. It is said that when the armies of the Catholic Monarchs arrived in 1492, he immediately escaped and as he turned around to see such a splendid place for the last time he was moved to tears. For his cowardly conduct, as he left the city in the hands of his enemies, Boabdil would be remembered as the last sultan of the Nasrid dynasty who betrayed his city.

5. For its gardens

Apart from the courtyards, the Alhambra is surrounded by gardens full of orange and orchid trees and other types of plants that form a lush vegetation next to the colored flowers. The trees more than producing fruit for the inhabitants, also served as insect repellents. Finally, the gardens of the Generalife are famous for representing the antechamber of paradise as described in the Koran.

6. For its palaces

As we have already told you, the Alhambra is an enormous architectural complex with palaces that you cannot miss. Among them are the Nasrid Palace and the Palace of Charles V; each one belongs to a different historical period. The first, the oldest, was the seat of administrative functions, while the Palace of Charles V was built as the residence of Emperor Charles and since it is located next to the Nasrid Palace contrasts sharply with the Islamic architecture of the environment. In these two palaces you can enjoy two completely different but equally amazing architectural styles.

These are just a few of the many reasons why the Alhambra is worth a visit, we are now waiting for you at one of our guided tours and we can assure you that you will have a great time!