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6 Reasons to visit the Santa Cruz | 20 JUL

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Walking around Seville you can enjoy its architectural richness and discover its history by visiting the most emblematic monuments; however, if you want to live a completely different experience and visit Seville from a new perspective, without leaving the historical centre, it is essential that you take a stroll through the mysterious district of Santa Cruz.Why you don’t want to miss this?

1. For its alleys

Especially during the summer, Seville is famous for being one of Spain's hottest cities, and even having a stroll in the afternoon is almost impossible to bear. Fortunately, in the Santa Cruz neighbourhood you will find some shaded labyrinthine streets, which will not only reduce the heat, but will also make you fall in love with all the corners and patios you will see along your walk. You will also discover a completely new atmosphere, which you had never experienced in Seville, thanks to the light and the colours that make this neighbourhood the most typically Andalusian of the city and then the most special.

2. Because of its history

The district has its origins from Roman times, when this area was the boundary of the walled city of Híspalis. Much later, in the 11th century, the Muslims built a palace that was later remodelled by the Christians, creating the Royal Fortress. It was only in 1248 that the quarter was used as a Jewish quarter after the reconquest of Seville by King Ferdinand III when the Jews settled in that quarter.

3. For its legends

A place so old and with such an abundant cultural historical heritage, it must surely have a lot of legends and tales that are hidden in its streets. For the most part they deal with stories that have to do with religion, such as Calle de la Pimienta's story about a Jew who after a miracle becomes a Christian, or Susona's story. This legend is without a doubt the most captivating because it passes through love, death, struggles and betrayals and has its stage in Death Street where it is said that Susona's head was hung for many years. Finally, we cannot forget the legends of Don Juan, the undisputed protagonist of many plays.

4. For its courtyards

The peculiarity of this neighborhood is probably due to the peace and quiet that you can easily find in its numerous courtyards and secluded squares in the shade of orange trees with the aroma of orange blossom, accompanied by the light murmur of the fountains. They are ideal places to relax and at the same time, to enjoy the decorations of the buildings and statues that you will find in your surroundings and in every corner that you will discover.

5. Because of its location

The district of Santa Cruz is located in the heart of the historical centre, surrounded by the Cathedral and the Real Alcázar, so you can see these two main monuments from a completely different perspective. In addition, in every corner or small square you will find bars and restaurants that offer a great variety of local products. That's why this place is also perfect for an evening stroll with a good meal and an even more fascinating atmosphere.

6. Because of Murrillo

This year we are celebrating the fourth centenary of the birth of the Sevillian painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, and on the occasion of this important event, we advise you to take a look at Casa Murillo, where the artist lived. In addition, check out the Hospital de los Venerables, the Church of Santa Maria la Blanca and the Parish of San Bartolomé, where you can admire some of his original works.

If you want to discover all this and much more, come with us and take part in our tour of the wonderful Santa Cruz neighborhood, we are waiting for you!