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Flamenco and emotions | 25 JUL

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Flamenco is a typically Andalusian art that combines singing and dancing. It is essential to know its origins in order to understand the sadness, pain and solitude of its songs. First of all it is important to mention that Seville and Triana were formerly two completely different places and were separated by the Guadalquivir River, so Triana became the place where minorities and the unwelcomed within the walls lived.

One of the towns that has been there since the 15th century is that of the Gypsies coming from India, who had no problems with the Spanish government until the arrival of the Inquisition. During this time women were separated from their men, who worked 18 hours a day, and being illiterate, unable to read or write, or even speak, the only option left to express themselves was singing. That was the origin of flamenco. That's why most of the songs are so sad and full of pain, but more cheerful ones have been written recently.

The gypsies preserved their customs until the 19th century, when the "cafés cantantes" were founded, where the cantaores used to challenge each other and attract the attention of other citizens. Through this process even today this incredible art is still studied and practiced so that everyone can listen to the songs and admire the dances during the wonderful shows that are organized in the flamenco tablaos.

Flamenco is a perfect way to channel emotions and above all, to generate them. In fact the performers have a great capacity for expression so they will transmit all their emotions through body language, encompassing passion, anger, sadness, pain, fear and joy. Thus creating an indestructible connection with the audience where you will feel immediately involved in this "set" of emotions.

Defining what you experience during these shows is very complicated, almost impossible. All we can assure you is that a minimum of sensitivity is enough to get you excited and stunned. We could keep trying to describe what Flamenco is, but we prefer that you experience it yourself and find the adjective that sums up your emotions when you see such an exciting show.