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Tapas Tour | 07 DIC

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Small in size but full of flavor. It is known by all the wide gastronomy that Andalusia has. Infinity of dishes that have passed from generation to generation, evolving sometimes in the form of its elaboration but not in its essence, which remains the same.

Often, very often we hear about "tapas”, but what are tapas really? It’s nothing more than a small portion of food, and in general it is usually quite affordable. Most of the people like that, because you can try a great variety of food for an affordable price. It’s also nice that you don’t have to make hard decisions while going for dinner, because you can try anything!

In the case of Seville, “going for tapas” is something that the locals see as a part of their routine. There is nothing better than having some tapas in the center of Seville and enjoying the nice weather of the city. Just the thought of it makes you hungry, doesn’t it?

Today we will tell you about some typical tapas of Seville that you have to try before leaving the wonderful city, as well as some of the favorite places of the people of Seville, where you won’t only try its gastronomy, you will be able to interact with the local people. They will definitely recommend you some of their favorite tapa!

First things first. Let’s talk about the tapas that you have to try while you’re still with us, in Seville!

There are many of them, in different shapes and sizes. From the classic montadito of tortilla de patatas to the most innovative ones like the montadito of Kebab.Although undoubtedly, the best known is the "montadito de pringá" stuffed with a mixture of different meats (chicken, veal, sausage, blood sausage...) that is part of another typical dish "the stew".

If you are a meat lover, you have to try the “iberican carrillá” cooked in different ways, in sauce like the Pedro Ximenez way or with pepper. Another meat dish that we recommend you is the “bull’s tail”, although it's a typical dish of Cordoba, in Seville you will find very good places where you can try it. We have to share, right?

If you prefer fish, don’t worry, the Arenal is your place. With an infinity of “fried food” where each night the locals gather together to enjoy a nice "variety of fried fish”. There is nothing more typical than a nice “variety of fried fish”.

Do you prefer something lighter? Try the Gazpacho or the Salmorejo. Both of them are cold soups with ingredients like olive oil, vinegar and raw vegetables that are served very cold. They will be your best ally in the hottest days. It can be served single or accompanied by slices of jamón and hard egg. If you are a vegetarian, this is a perfect single dish!

If you visit Seville between May and June, take the opportunity to try a tapa of "snails". We know, if you have never tried it, it may sound a bit scary! Cooked a thousand and one ways, in sauce, with tomato, in broth ... Each place has its own recipe, if you like it; you could plan a small route and try different types.

You already have a variety of dishes to choose from and a lot of places in Seville to grab some tapas, but where can you find all of the things that we have mentioned before? Pancho made you a small list of some awesome tapas bars, and where the price/quality proportion is very good.

Patio San Eloy, with 10 different locations spread throughout the city, this is your place if you want to try a variety of "montaditos"! We would definitely recommend the "Hamburguesita serranita". You can take some advantage by taking the well-knownGazpacho, especially in Patio San Eloy it’s really good.

If you want to try a good "Montadito de Pringa" you need to visit the “Bar Las Columnas”, 5 minutes walking from the Cathedral of Seville. It is one of the best known in the whole city! No lies!

In the street García de Vinuesa is the bar "Pimentón". Here you can eat "Carrilla Ibérica" or the “Bull’s Tail". A small place, modern in style but with a traditional but innovative cuisine. There is not much more we can ask for, right? As we said before, the area of the Arenal is your area if you are looking forfried fish, but not only in this area you can find quality fish. La Freiduríadel Arenal, in the middle of Arfe street, is a place very well known by the people of Seville, although perhaps the best known is "Blanco Cerrillo" with its famous anchovies in marinade, in the heart of Calle Tetuan. If you are here for a short stay, you have to try them!

The Bar Rodriguez in the Plazade San Antonio de Padua, or the bar "El Kiki" in Juan Antonio Cavestany Street. They are undoubtedly two of the best-known places to try agood tapa of snails.

We have given you all the information you need when it comes to the best tapas places in Seville, now we would like to finish it with our personal favorites!

Here is a top 5!

  • 1. Gambas al ajillo: Fresh prawns doused in olive oil, chili and garlic
  • 2. Patatas bravas: Cut and fried potatoes. You can choose for a spicy sauce or, my personal favorite,with aioli!
  • 3. Calamares a la romana: Battered and fry squid rings. Alsodelicious with some sauce!
  • 4. Coliflor Rebozada: Fried cauliflower served with literally any sauce you like! Also a great tip for vegetarians!
  • 5. Salmorejo: Cold tomato soup!

This sounds good, right? Now that we know you got hungry, we have another offer for you! Imagine going fortapas, with a guide that can guide you to the best places and recommend youwhich tapas to order … With Pancho you can make it happen; thanks to our TapasTour, where you can enjoy a good time of tapas, accompanied by our City Lovers and socialize with the local people. Sounds even better! If you would like to have any more information; do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to show you the gastronomy of Seville.

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