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Visit Cordoba in one day from Seville | 16 AGOS

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Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy an amazing experience! Now you can visit Cordoba in just one day from Seville and fall in love with this amazing city and its people.

In this article, we will give you some tips on what to visit in Cordoba in one day and how you can do it.

Why visit Cordoba?

Cordoba is one of the most popular destinations for national and foreign tourists. Throughout the year, thousands of visitors walk through its streets and visit its monuments. But why do they choose Cordoba? What is so special about this city?

We would highlight five reasons:

1. History and architecture

Cordoba is known for its rich history and architectural legacy. Founded by the Romans in the mid-second century BC, Cordoba is considered to be one of the oldest cities in Spain. Romans, Visigoths, Muslims and Christians have inhabited this land.

Its historic quarter was declared a World Heritage Site in 1994 by UNESCO and this declaration affects the entire walled enclosure.

2. Mezquita - Cathedrals

An unrivalled emblem of this city with more than a thousand years of history. It became the first Christian Cathedral to share Muslim and Christian architecture. Surprise yourself walking under its famous arches and learn about its unique history.

3. Its streets and historical case

Let yourself be carried away by the streets of the Jewish quarter. As we mentioned before, Cordoba is history and strolling through its streets will take you back to another era.  Straight streets reminiscent of Roman times, large squares in a markedly medieval and modern style or the narrow streets of the Jewish quarter

4. The courtyards of Cordoba

Fill your day with colour and enjoy the courtyards of Cordoba. Something that only Cordoba can offer us is the beauty of hundreds of perfectly kept and preserved courtyards. Although you can see these courtyards throughout the year, we recommend that you make a one-day visit during May, which is the official festival.

5. Food

Andalusia in general offers a wide variety of high-quality gastronomy. In this case, Cordoba stands out for its salmorejo, oxtail or marinated "japuta", and fried dogfish marinated in various spices.

Now that you know why people visit Cordoba, you'll understand that it's a place you must add to your list. Is the list getting bigger and bigger? Don't worry, visit Cordoba in a day from Seville with Pancho Tours and save time and money.

What to visit in Cordoba in a day?

In this section, we are going to explain what to see in Cordoba in one day, so that you can make the most of your time and your visit.

1. Visit the Mezquita-Cathedral of Cordoba

A living example of the historical development of the city, the Mezquita, Cathedral of Cordoba is the most important monument in the Islamic West and one of the most amazing in the world. Its history summarises the complete evolution of the Umayyad style in Spain, as well as the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles of Christian construction. A must is a visit to the Mosque of Cordoba, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Our advice is to visit the Mosque with a guide since you will learn many curiosities. This tour can last approximately one hour, with a guide specialised in the Mosque of Cordoba.

2. Alcazar of Cordoba

Following the Guadalquivir River very closely and a few metres from the Mosque, we head towards our second essential stop to see in Cordoba, the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs. A spectacular monument, through which Romans, Muslims and Christians have passed.

3.The Roman Temple

Located between the Plaza de las Tendillas and the Plaza de la Corredera, this is one of the most important remains of the Roman presence in Cordoba. It was ordered to be built by Emperor Caesar Augustus in the middle of the 1st century AD.

4.The Jewish Quarter

Getting lost and discovering the narrow streets of the Jewish Quarter is a real delight. This area, considered the oldest in the city, reflects the importance of the Jewish community in the city. Don't miss the Synagogue and the Calleja de las Flores.

5. Crossing the Roman bridge

Finally, you can't miss the views from the Roman Bridge in Cordoba. People usually cross this bridge in the morning, but we love the views it offers at sunset. When the lights of the mosque/cathedral are illuminated and the city is shown in all its splendour. A magical walk that leads to the Mosque of Cordoba.

Visit Cordoba in one day from Seville

Visiting Cordoba from Seville is a day trip not to be missed. Our guide will pick you up from your hotel and take you to this magnificent city. You will be able to enter the Mezquita, without queues, and walk through the Jewish quarter with our local guides. Discover the Patios of Cordoba, full of flowers and lovingly cared for. Visit with Pancho Tours the first Muslim capital of Al-Andalus.

Day trip to Cordoba from Seville with entrance to the Mosque and Tour of the Jewish Quarter!