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Going out for tapas in Seville is one of those plans you can't miss on your itinerary. In the Andalusian capital, there are many things to enjoy such as the climate, its monuments, its traditions and above all its gastronomy. The tapas culture has always been popular and has always been enjoyed. For this reason, in this article we bring you the most typical Sevillian tapas that you must try during your visit to Seville.

What are the tapas?

For anyone who doesn't know by now, tapas are not a specific dish, but a way of serving almost any dish you can imagine.

The concept of "tapa" refers more to the size of the portion than to the dish whose small portion is served in the tapa.

In Seville, tapas bars are more than just a nice place to eat. Tapas in Seville are part of the history and cultural roots of the city. So, another way to get to know this beautiful city is through the taste buds.

 Tapas Tours in Seville

Must-try dishes on your tapas tour in Seville

Seville is one of the cities in which most cultures have been intermingled throughout its history. Its cuisine is a reflection of this multicultural mix. Here we tell you about the most typical dishes of Seville that you must try on your Tapas Tour in Seville.

We will divide these tapas into five categories:

  • Cold tapas sevillanas: the best way to beat the summer heat.
  • Hot Sevillian tapas: From the dishes we present to you in this category, we advise you to try everything related to Iberian pork and bull's tail.
  • Fried Sevillian tapas: The ham and stew croquettes are a must. The fried fish is also something typical, if you come to the Feria de Abril, you will be able to check it out.
  • Montaditos: There is a great variety of montaditos, all of them delicious. But we recommend two of them.
  • Sevillian sweets: We have a great variety of sweets. But our favourite without a doubt is the torrija.

Cold tapas from Seville

  1. Prawn salad: This is one of those dishes that everyone likes and that can be enjoyed on any occasion. Its base is boiled potato.
  2. Gazpacho: A cold tapa that is eaten in a bowl or glass. It is made with tomato, pepper, garlic and olive oil.
  3. “Papas aliñás”: boiled potatoes with onion, parsley, oil, vinegar and salt, usually with fillets of frigate tuna on top.
  4. Tomate aliñado: The tomatoes are sliced and served with garlic, oregano, thyme, oil, vinegar and salt.
  5. Acorn-fed Iberian ham: We have left it for last because if we put it at the beginning, we could not think of anything else. Quality Iberian ham is within everyone's reach.

Hot tapas from Seville

  1. Spinach with chickpeas: Its traditional flavour, achieved with paprika, extra virgin olive oil and carefully cooked garlic, is exquisite. A tapa to give you energy!
  2. Caracoles (snails): This tapa can only be enjoyed during the summer season. If you visit Seville at that time of the year, don't hesitate to order a tapa.
  3. Sirloin steak with Whisky: A tapa that you will get one hundred percent right, ideal for adults and children. It is grilled pork sirloin steak with whisky sauce and chips.
  4. Carrillada: Pork cheeks are one of the tastiest tapas you can order. A traditional and spectacular stew. It is so tender that it melts in your mouth.
  5. Cola de toro: This is another meat that melts in your mouth, a delicacy that you can't miss.

Fried sevillanas tapas

  1. Adobo: This is the name given to marinated and floured dogfish for later frying. The dogfish is a kind of shark and the common marinade is based on garlic, salt, oregano, water and white wine vinegar.
  2. Croquettes: Whether they are made of stew, bull's tail or ham, the important thing is to eat this star tapa.
  3. Soldaditos de pavía: This dish consists of strips of cod, previously soaked in water, which are coated in flour and fried. They can be left to marinate for an hour before frying in lemon juice, olive oil and brandy.


When we talk about montadito, also known as montado, we are talking about a sandwich that is made with smaller bread than usual. This tradition dates back to the 15th or 16th centuries, when “montar” was understood as placing food on bread, hence its name. This type of snack has a tradition that predates the sandwich and the bocadillo.

  1. Montadito de pringá: “pringá” is made with meat resulting from Andalusian stews, so its ingredients are usually chicken, bacon, veal and chorizo, among others.
  2. Serranito: It is eaten warm, with grilled chicken or pork fillet, fried green pepper, a good slice of Serrano ham and slices of natural tomato. A hearty and delicious montadito.

Sevillian sweets

  1. Torrijas: The typical spring sweet. The ingredients are: bread, eggs, milk, honey, sugar, spices and finally some cinnamon. You can find them in bakeries, but also in restaurants where they serve torrija as a dessert with ice cream.

Tapas Tour in Seville

One of the most enriching activities when getting to know a city is to enjoy its gastronomy by savouring the typical dishes of the place. Seville's gastronomy belongs to the tradition of Greek, Roman and western Muslim heritage of what is now Andalusia. Therefore, you can get to know its history through its tapas.

In Pancho Tours, we offer you two options, on the one hand, the tapas tour in Seville and on the other hand, a combo of tapas tour + flamenco show.

Seville Tapas Tour

Follow the lead of the Sevillians and spend an afternoon among tapas bars on this 3-hour tour. With an expert local guide, you'll learn about the history of Spanish gastronomy and discover the pleasure of eating tapas on your visit to three of Seville's best bars.

The Seville tapas tour includes 3 drinks per person and many Tapas + dessert with a glass of cava on a panoramic terrace.

Seville tapa tour and flamenco show

A combo that will make you immerse yourself in Sevillian culture and tradition.  The tapas and flamenco route we offer you is amazing and you will never forget it.

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